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Need cash? If you are looking at selling your corvette or classic car, let our friendly and knowledgeable NCRS staff here at GM Downunder with over 20 years of extensive experience help you.   We can handle the entire sales process for you. We have buyers throughout the United States and all over the world that visit us and buy cars. Our internet advertising and presence is worldwide. Our old garage style show room is state of the art, and kind of cool.   Keep in mind when choosing to consign your car that non-local people won't fly in to look at one car that you are trying to sell yourself, but they will if they have several choices. Our location is 5 minutes from the John Wayne International airport. As a service we pick up and drop off our buyers, which makes their experience so much easier.  All vehicles are stored indoors at all times. Test drives are only offered to qualified buyers only. Flexible sales commissions. Flexible consignment periods.   We here at GM Downunder are very SELECTIVE about what we sell, consignments included.  With that said we will not accept cars on consignment that have structural frame rust, major body or frame damage repairs, unsafe or dangerous vehicles.  We are not here to store cars, so you car must be priced to sell. On and off location consignments accepted.   All vehicles are to be safety checked by us before they are offered for sale, at a small charge. A minimal cleaning and advertising fee will also apply. Once your vehicle is sold, the fees will be all inclusive in our commission. If you choose to remove the car, then all fees will apply and be paid before the car is removed.Sounds strict, but we are serious about what we do.