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Dear John,  The 62 arrived today and is even nicer than you described. The hauler you recommended was professional and delivered as promised. The entire experience dealing with you has been nothing but positive!!! I am sure we will be doing business in the future, I will not hesitate to recommend GM Down Under !!!  Thank You Very Much ! Steve Arizona
My search for a '67 Corvette began in February 2003.  The project took me from the local "Trader Mags" to newspapers and  to the internet. The deals that seemed to be "Too Good To Be True" were just that.  Prices I found with private parties and  brokers were all over the map, and the words "excellent condition" had been redefined, many times. I then even went to the  largest Corvette show in the world, "Carlisle", and watched a feeding frenzy, my thought of "getting a deal" flew out the  window.  It was at Carlisle where my son I really got an education about how some 30 year old cars age not so gracefully  (and still getting a pretty nickel for them), and others are remarkably showroom fresh (and selling upwards of $65k).  It was  then I decided I was looking for a car that already had been restored within the past 10 or 12 years.  It was November when  my son noticed John's showroom in Costa Mesa as we slammed on the brakes and popped in.  We met John, just kinda  cool, and we were in heaven: a '58 over here, a '62 over  there, a beautiful 65 off to side, but there was not one '67 in the  bunch.  Three weeks later, there was, a gorgeous yellow '67 coupe.  I just knew it was over my budget. When I finally got up  the nerve to ask it's price I was shocked. The car was immaculate, had maybe 2 thousand miles on her since the restoration.   When I heard what the price tag was I slid under that car and gave her a complete physical.  I had met Rusty (John's  Sidekick) last summer because of my involvement with the Huntington Beach Concourse.  I knew he was involved with the  NCRS and did not have to ask him twice to examine and drive the car.  His findings supported mine that the car certainly had  at least the value of the asking price and probably more, it was real.  John made the whole experience more like an adoption  that a purchase.  At that point the decision was made. I know exactly what people were asking for some of the other cars I  had seen. I thought I would end up with a project car for the money I wanted to spend, not a "Show Car" like I bought from  John.  I park the car in my office warehouse.  The vette is stunning, the reaction from "car people" is one of amazement,  nothing but compliments and two offers in the first month. It's not for sale!  Thanks John. Several people that have seen my  car have already visited your showroom, I hope to send many more.   Joe. Huntington Beach, CA
John,      The 66 Corvette Roadster that we purchased from you back in May has just won a 2nd place in the "Classics by the Sea"  meet in Half Moon Bay, California. We have been accepted to, and participated in, a number of local shows, and are having a  great time with the car, We truly feel lucky to find you amid such a sea of Corvette "Sharks " out there. When we get ready to  purchase another corvette (65-67 Nassau Blue 327 Automatic ??? ) we will just contact you and wait for you to find one for  us !!! Thanks again to you and Rusty. Jim & Terri H. San Gregorio, California  
After looking all over for a classic Vette, I came across GM Down Under. I sent them an email asking about a 1959 Vette.  John emailed me back the same day and we corresponded a number of times over the next week about the car. He was very  honest about everything regarding the car. I can't say enough about the help and information he provided me with. Since I  lived 400 miles away from GM Down Under's shop, I flew in and John was more then willing to pick me up for a viewing of  the car. He made it perfectly clear that there was no pressure if I didn't buy the car and he would be glad to take me back to  the airport after the viewing. After viewing the car, everything he told me was true - it was in great shape and ready for a 400  mile drive back home. After a test drive around the block a few times, I was on my way to a safe drive home. I can't thank  him enough and if anyone wishes to contact me in regards to his service please feel free to. Jason K. Sacramento, CA
Owning a classic vette was always a dream of mine. I called John gave him my price rangehe at the time didn't have a car in inventory in my range - so he referred me to another classic vette dealer!What integrity! My best to you and Rusty. My son Joey loves his '63 convertible.-Mark in Vegas
Dear John: What a refreshing experience dealing with you. Not only you sale beautiful cars but all you say is true which is pretty much amazing in your trade. You have delivered what you promised and even more. I am extremelysatisfied with the car and I know that you have treated me very fairly. At some other places (we won't mentioned names!) they place such a high premium on vintage corvettes that it takes a lot of fun out of the buyingexperience. You do not and I encourage anyone who is looking at your site to call you: they in a "down under accent" will hear the voice of "truth": John you tell it the way it is and I truly appreciate your honesty. I will certainly recommend you around and I am glad I purchase my 427 from your shop.All the best,Philippe V. Woodland Hills California. 1969 Corvette
John, I just received the 66 corvette you shipped to me in Tampa and I wanted to say thanks.I love the car and it met all my expectations.You were a pleasure to deal with and I hope I have the opportunity to do business with you again. Randy H. Tampa,Fl
I didn't know which year Vette I was going to buy but I knew I would know when I saw "the car". Well, I saw"the car" at John's showroom. One drive with Rusty (GM Downunder's mechanic/NCRS judge) in the '62silver/black Vette and it was time for a deposit. Anyway, the car looks great, drives great, and Johnand Rusty made sure everything on the car was tiptop. Those guys made the process real easy. Thanks and see ya on PCH. Joe up in Malibu.
Hello John, I just wanted to say thanks again for selling my 69 Corvette. You have very honest approach and that makes  things a lot easier. I got the price I was looking for in a short amount of time without dealing with the tire kickers. I look  forward to doing business with you again.  Thanks ED. Corona, CA
Dear John,You'll never know how thrilled my husband was when his "new" '61 Corvette was brought to the house to surprise him on his 60th birthday!  The car looked gorgeous, drove like a dream, and brought tears to my eyes as I watched my husband of 38 years finally get the car of his dreams.  Thank you for everything, for arranging storage, for helping with the tax and license stuff, and for giving us a great price.  Fondly, Sheri and her happy husband David. San Fernando Valley, CA 
John, as you know, I sold a 1960 Corvette 25 years ago and have regretted it virtually every day since. When I started my quest to replace this piece of my history, I asked for your help. You responded quickly and we found a beautiful 1960 Corvette. I feel as though something inside of me that was missing for a long time has been restored. Your sense of urgency and caring in locating the right car was amazing. It is so refreshing to meet a person in the car resale business that places his personal integrity, reputation, and customer satisfaction far above everything else. Whoever said that you can't return to your youth, has never done business with you. I strongly recommend you and your company to any potential Corvette or classic car buyer. Sincerely, Phillip C. Corona, CA
John, thanks for all of your efforts to get my 1961 Corvette delivered to me in Pennsylvania. You and Mark were helpful and provided timely feedback via e-mail and telephone. I also appreciated your help in upgrading the tires to radials and advice on restoring the radio. You provided contacts with parts suppliers and I subsequently purchased a replacement steering wheel from one of them. I am looking forward to driving this car around on weekends and gradually restoring it to show quality. Thanks again! Bill W. Collegeville, PA
John; wanted to drop you a brief note to let you know how pleased I was with my most recent purchase from GM Downunder, Inc. As you know, I pulled the trigger on this car sight un-seen based on your input, the input by your NCRS associate, and the lengthy discussions I had with the owner. Every step of the way accurate information was given without bias or sway - everyone offered simple, direct, and honest descriptions for this very special car that has met and exceeded my  expectations. Since taking delivery I have had two officers of my regional NCRS Chapter inspect the car and each has said, "  you really have something here...!" I have purchased cars before from other well-known Corvette retailers, and I am pleased  to acknowledge GM Downunder as a source worth inquiry when these kinds of cars are desired.  Best regards, Jeff D. North Carolina. 68 Corvette
As you know, I wanted this message to be as comprehensive as possible since we've taken my 58 Fulie from a racer to a real show car! Your help and assistance in all matters of purchase and restoration were extremely exceptional and beyond stellar! You have a true gift in dealing with your customers... Julie and I will enjoy our classic for many years to come. Again, much thanks to you and your team at GM Down Under. Dave & Julie J. Temecula, CA
John Just a short note to thank you for your honest description of the 1970 LS5 I bought from you in May 2000. It is my first  Corvette and my wife and I are very happy with it. The car is exactly as you described. The paint and chrome work are  excellent and the interior is in very good condition as well. I only had to adjust the parking brake and run an earth to the  wiper switch to get them working before I could register the car. Being a home mechanic I have fully serviced the car and  have had no problems getting any parts or accessories from the people you recommended. This is the first time I have  bought a car by looking at pictures over the internet and relying on a description over the phone. The car gets driven most  weekends and is a real head turner in this part of the world. Because the car is 30 years old I was able to leave it Left Hand  Drive which is fun to drive in a Right Hand Drive Country. John I have no hesitation in recommending you as a contact for  Corvettes in this Country.  Regards Greg F. Queensland Australia  
John, The car arrived on Wednesday in great shape. Just wanted to say thanks for the honesty and information you gave to  a first time classic car buyer. It was a pleasure to do business with you. If ever in the market again will always consider GM  Downunder.  Regards, Paul G. TN. 59 Corvette
John, You are by far the best and most personable dealer that I have encountered. Trust me I ought to know because I have  dealt with many of them. Thank you for taking the time to show the vehicle to me and finally work out the details of the deal.  The car is everything I ever wanted and more. Again, it was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to dealing  with you again. I will recommend you to all my corvette friends.  Felix D. Camarillo, CA. 65 Corvette  
I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the car as it runs perfectly and really looks good. Other than a few very minor  changes the car is just as I bought it from you. If I never thanked you for the co-ordination of the shipping I wanted to do that  now as the car was delivered on the day that we agreed on and the transport company was very careful with my "prized  possession"!!! Thanks again for the comfortable experience of buying my first Corvette, the car I've wanted for years.  Tony J. CA. 59 Corvette
Dear John: I wanted to take a moment and describe how exceptional my experience has been with your company. Because I am in the  Customer Service industry I tend to be quite critical of shoddy service -- it seems so pervasive in our world today. This was  not the case when dealing with GM Down Under. As you know, my 1964 Corvette Coupe was the purchase of a lifetime for  me having lusted after this car since I was 14 years of age and it was first sold. For the past eight years, since passing on a  1963 Split Window I have searched and looked and declined. It's ironic that I would find "my car" up the street after having  searched national databases. When I met you I knew that I could trust what you had to say about the car. Your appraisal was  honest and correct. Your price and willingness to discuss the vehicle without "selling" it made me even less apprehensive. I  felt and knew that the car I was buying was actually the car I was driving home. In the past two months since its purchase  you have proven that you guard your reputation by continuing to strive to help your customers beyond the call of duty. You  are an exceptional businessman in today's world, John. And, I'd like to think you have become a good friend, as well.  Sincerely, S/ Joseph W. Newport Beach, CA. 64 Corvette Coupe
John, Delivery complete. I arrived home last night (Wed.) at 6:30 central time. The only casualties were the speedometer and  tachometer. I think the cables succumbed to the heat. Besides 11 mpg (better than I expected) there were no surprises and  no speeding tickets. This car definitely attracts attention. I had to stop for gas every 150 miles and I got comments at almost  every stop. Thanks for all of your help. I think your description of the car was fair and accurate and you set my expectations  appropriately. Mom always said honesty is the best policy, and in your case it made me a happy customer.  Thanks again, Rob J. Montana 70 454-Corvette
Dear John, I just wanted to write a note to really appreciate the personal attention and care that you and your staff showed  me in my recent corvette purchase from GM Downunder. From the moment I arrived in California until I left, I felt as though I  was dealing with old friends or family. No hassles, precisely accurate descriptions of the cars, abundant hospitality, and  tremendous service after the sale in helping me ship my cars back home. Everything about the experience was truly  wonderful. I have made new friends in Orange County and look forward to my next opportunity to purchase another vehicle  from you. I will enjoy my cars for many years to come and every time I get in them I will fondly think of your company and  the wonderful people behind it.  Henry A. New Orleans, LA 64 Corvette 
Thanks John for a job well done. It is nice to deal with someone who will deliver what they say, very uncommon in todays  world. You describe the car accurately and there were no disappointments. I am extremely pleased with my purchase.  Tom O. Springfield, Montana 65 Corvette 
Dear John, I am writing this letter to express how pleased I am with the purchase of my 1959 Corvette. The car arrived on  time and, to my surprise, was even better than I expected. Dealing with you was a pleasure and I will recommend you to my  friends. Keep up the good work.  Sincerely, Daniel M. Chicago, IL
John, I wanted to thank you for your "no hassle" way of doing business. Your sales, and especially the service you provided  to me, proves that you are working very hard to keep and maintain the reputation of an honest business. You projected this  to me as a customer and I would have no problem of recommending further clients to you.  Sincerely, Bill (aka) Corvettewillie. California 60 Corvette
John, I must say I'm very pleased with our transaction...the car is great! As I said, it's better than advertised! I also must say I  am pleased with our relationship; I found it to be very comfortable and accommodating. You are knowledgeable and  gracious and represent your cars with honesty and integrity--I am most pleased to have met you and dealt with you. Perhaps  in the future we can do business again. As an aside, that car has a 3.08:1 rear axle, the box is marked AT and appears to be  original...just perfect for 17 highway miles to the office each day, like I said, I was looking for a daily driver. I spent last  Saturday under it, lube oil change, filter, changed a few zerks to make them more accessible, lubed the linkages for the  shifter, clutch shaft, tightened the parking brake, you know looking around. It's in pretty darn good shape...just as you  described. Needs a few little things, but what thirty year old car doesn't? By the way, thank you for the release on the license  plate, that was very thoughtful and another example of your service. John, feel free to use any of this letter if you so desire,  delete the parts about the differential etc. that you don't want...Just say that I'm real happy to have done business with you!  Jim S. San Diego, CA 69 427-Corvette
John, After reading your customer comments, I can only underscore what everyone else is saying: Honest, accurate  descriptions; friendly, professional service; and a true willingness to help in anyway you can. I have purchased 9 Corvettes  from GM Downunder in the past few years and have been happy with all of them. Not only did I enjoy owning them, but when  it came time to sell, I realized what a great value I received. I am without a doubt a "lifetime customer" who looks forward to  buying again. Many thanks for a most pleasurable buying experience,  Stuart M. Auburn, WI
John, Just a quick note to tell you how happy we are with the 1993 Black Rose Corvette that we bought from you off of Ebay.  I polished the car today and detailed every nook and cranny and the car is absolutely beautiful! After losing my 1976  Corvette to a drunk driver, I was worried about getting as good of quality car to replace it, especially off of the internet. The  gorgeous car that arrived yesterday from you eased all my concerns. It is so nice to finally be back behind the wheel of a  Corvette! Thank you so much for your professionalism and willingness to help out in every way, especially in helping  arrange the shipping from Costa Mesa, CA to Kansas City, MO. Your helpful and friendly attitude is hard to find in today's  business world and made buying the Corvette all that much more enjoyable. Good luck to you and everyone at GM Down  Under in all of your future Corvette sales and I hope all of your customers are as satisfied as we are.  Sincerely, Jay B. Kansas City, KS  93 Corvette
I have dealt with John both in purchasing and selling my Corvette.  My experience with him on both occasions was very pleasant and professional.  John communicates well by returning calls and e-mails quickly.  He has been, in dealing with me, very honest and equitable.  Should I be in the market for a Corvette again, I will defiantly call John at GM Down UnderSincerely, Tony V.  Alaska. 71 CorvetteMy middle child Dan (3 of 5) graduated from high school in June and generally is in to old cars and old music.  I started a tradition with my oldest son that they get to plan a one-week one on one vacation with me as a graduation gift.  I travel quite a bit and this is one time I leave the computer off, the blackberry off and even the cell hone off and spend some quality time with my child.  Dan’s “trip” request was to do a road trip.  More specifically, we were to fly to California, buy a car and drive  back.  So the planning started.  At first we were going to go for an old muscle car like a 67 GTO but it didn’t take too long  before we were interested in the 60s vintage Corvettes.  We did some homework on the Internet and we had some local  southern California friends help identify some vehicles for us to look at.  On June 1,2003 we flew from Appleton Wisconsin to LA to start our search.  Our first stop shortly after we landed was the  Pomona Fairgrounds and the old car show there.  On Monday, the 2nd we started shopping at some of the dealers we lined  up.  We went to a local dealer and got very interested in a 66’ convertible 327.  Next we went to GM Down under.  The number  of cars was smaller but what was there was very nice.  There was a red 67’ convertible 427 that was just sold and a white 62’  convertible that was awesome but also just sold.  The car that struck the fancy of my son was not the one we were first  looking at but one in the back row, a tuxedo black 63’ 327 fuel injected Sting Ray that rumbled nicely when we started it up.   Very promising!  But we still wanted to shop.  We went over another local dealer and tested out a Rally Red 67’ convertible  327.  This was a very nice car and it was ready to go because we had talked to them in advance.  But our thoughts still  returned to the black 63” fueli.  We decided that we needed to eat and talk about it.  Then we returned to GM Down Under.   We took the fueli for a drive and we decided to pull the trigger.  We told John and Chris and GM Down Under that we were  planning a cross-country trio with a new car and that if we bought it they needed to get it road worthy for the trip to  Wisconsin.  I think they were a bit surprised that someone would fly out to California buy a 40-year-old car and drive it back  – but that was the whole idea of our graduation trip.  So we pulled the trigger and John and Chris made good on their  promises.  There was a small pinion seal leak that had to get fixed and the car was put through a good review that day and  the next morning.  On June 3rd at shortly after noon, we pulled out in our prized 63” Vette.  John and Chris were great to deal with.  We wired  the money for the car and arranged to have the hard top shipped to our Wisconsin home.  We paid considerably less for the  car than some very similar cars we looked at and we think we got a good deal.  I got the sense that the inventory at any time  at GM Down Under may be smaller but I also sensed they moved the inventory and that is usually a good deal for the buyer.   My 17 year old and I with insurance arranged hit the road.  We had a great road trip home stopping in Palm Springs,  Phoenix, Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Lincoln Nebraska, Des Moines and finally home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  2500  miles and 6 days from leaving the showroom at Down Under we are home.  The trip went well and we listened to old music  the whole way home.  We took turns driving and turned lots of heads along the way.  The car ran beautifully.  We only  needed to adjust the timing in the higher elevations.   Daniel and I had a great time and John and Chris, we thank you for  making sure we got home safe.  The car is a blast and we are still turning heads with it.  Thanks for the memories! Appleton, WI
"I purchased a Nassau Blue 1965 Corvette Roadster from GMDownunder on 03/04/05.  I've been looking off-and-on for the past 4 years for a car like this and was excited to finally find one.  I spoke to John on the phone where we discussed the car in detail.  John has some 20 years experience in the Corvette business and is very knowledgeable on the subject.  I told him my main objectives in the car purchase were to have a matching numbers car with correct paint and interior, solid frame and body.  While the pictures on John's site looked good, you can only tell so much.  John's straight-shooter style convinced me it was worth purchasing a one-way ticket from Northern California to take a look at the car; hoping I wouldn't have to purchase a return ticket.When I arrived, John picked me up at the airport and we headed to the shop.  I couldn't believe how beautiful the car was in person.  Super clean, well kept and a great driver as well.  Rusty, who works with John and has 40 years of experience wrenching Corvettes, took me for a drive and explained a number of things about Corvettes to me I wasn't aware of.  John and Rusty took the time to put the car on the rack, go through all of the numbers, look into all the nooks and crannies and answer all my "nervous first time Corvette buyer" questions.  I drove the car home the next day and had a blast; Sammy Hagar would have been proud (I can't drive - 55).   The car was so smooth and of course, got lots of looks.In closing, it's great to see two guys that really know their stuff, love their work and still take the time to provide really quality customer service.  If you're looking for an honest place to buy a Corvette where you can have fun doing it, I'd recommend you contact GMDownunder."Scott. San Francisco, CA
John Just wanted to drop you a note once again as I have been impressed with your shop for a few years now. Again, I have dealt with many corvette shops and dealers and people that talk big but, in the end knew nothing about corvettes.  I purchased my second corvette from you last December and have been smiling ever since.  First of all, the first 1965 corvette that I bought from you I was ecstatic as it was my first running corvette but later I became unhappy  to sell back to you due to financial reasons but, I knew one day I would end up buying something  better.  And here I am again,my latest vette has changed everything. It is not just a car it is a passion, it is a car that after a long hard day at work I would get in and just drive my stress away. John thank you once again for making my dream become reality.  I recently talked to a corvette buddy of mine and he recently bought a car from a vette dealer from out of state and he told me that once the car was out of the dealer's lot he was on his own when it came to any service.  Hearing that story made me realize how other corvette dealers have become and how reputable you still are as a corvette dealer. You have been there through thick or thin, no matter how many stupid my questions I ask, you continue to be there for me.  I think a measure of a good corvette dealer and friend is if that person will be there for you  through good or bad. John you have been there for me and I am sure that our friendship will continue as well.  I have also entered a local corvette show in which my car was up against three big block corvettes and at the end of the day I took home  third place.  I cannot tell you how proud I was.  Felix. Camarillo, CA
John You and Rusty where  a pleasure to deal with.  Myself being pretty ignorant to old vettes found that  you all made us  immediately comfortable with what we where getting into and what things I should look for in a an older car.  I have learned  allot since then an can say all the advise you and Rust gave me was solid.  We have been very   happy with our 63 and had lots of fun with it. Our best to you both and your families. Ken, Sarah, & Cully, Virginia
John,    After an experience with one of the many Corvette sharks out there, I decided to take a visit to GM Downunder on the 4th of  July weekend. John spoke to me about three different cars I was interested in from his website and he was very candid  about what the negatives were and what the attributes were on each one. Additionally, he was very patient and he had a  wealth of information about midyear Corvettes. After evaluating options and the various conditions of the three cars, I  decided to test drive a red 67 roadster. One ride and it was all over for me.  The car was in excellent condition and drove like  a dream.  There was only one thing wrong with the car,  it needed side exhaust pipes to sound like a true Corvette.  John  assured me that he had some in stock and could install them the next week and take care of some other minor things to  make the car ready to go.  We set a target day to take delivery and not only did John perform on every promise that he made,  he had the car ready to go for the day we discussed, in spite on his wife delivering their third child during that time frame.  There was no better way to spend the holiday than looking at red, white, and blue Corvettes (and other colors) at John’s  dealership. I felt so patriotic and truly like a kid in a candy store.  With his laid back style and disarming personality, John  made my experience very pleasurable. With all the good qualities he has in running his business, in the end, it was his  integrity that won me over, not to mention the gorgeous car.   Many thanks, Rich R. Encinitas, CA.
Good morning John,  I just wanted to drop a quick e-mail to thank you for the great buying experience. My wife and I have five classic muscle cars  we've purchased over the years and two of them are Corvettes. When I bought my 1964 Stingray I was lucky to find that car  locally here in Las Vegas, but we had no such luck finding the other Corvette we wanted which was a 1958 to 1960 roadster.  You never know what you're going to get when you buy a car long distance there were times in the past I traveled to inspect  a car only to be sorely disappointed when the product didn't meet the description or the photos. That all changed with your up front, brutally honest description of the 1960 Corvette we bought. Pictures only show so much  and your spot-on descriptions of the frame, chrome, body flaws and mechanicals of the car were so detailed the car  exceeded my expectations when I finally saw it in person. What a great little roadster! Thanks again and take care.  Doug and Natasha S. Las Vegas