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John, When you helped me purchase my 1960 Corvette I was impressed with you honesty and integrity.  When you helped me purchase my 1971 Corvette I was impressed with you knowledge of the different years and your guidance proved invaluable.  When the time came to sell my 71 you were right there with a buyer and, knowing that I wanted a C5, you found me a car and worked an incredible deal.  When I walk out in the morning and lookat the C5 I still can't believe that it is my car (of course my wife thinks it's her car too).  The car is as fast as it is beautiful.  Thank you again; I will never understand why anyone would go anywhere else to buy a Corvette. Phillip C. Corona, CA
Hi John, I just wanted to drop you a line after attending both the OC and larger Nationals event down here.  Now I may be pretty biased but I have to tell you that after seeing the other many other Corvettes at those shows it just underscores the amazing condition of the one I purchased from you guys.  The featured show cars there just cannot touch the paint, powder, interior, etc.  Anytime you guys want a written or verbal referral, please do not hesitate to contact me…Steve.          San Diego, CA
John, Having recently stopped and visited your new shop I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks.  It’s now been two  years since I took the 65 Coupe off your hands and I’m still very pleased with the car.  My only problem now is finding  enough time to really get it out on the road.  The 65 is my third Vette and I can’t thank you enough for finding it.  If you remember I needed to make room for a midyear  buy selling my 94 which had served me very well for nine years.  I had been looking all over the country for the right car  when I discovered your shop and a possible car (67 red convertible).  It turns out that was not the right car for me but you  had no issues with me wanting to have the car looked at by my mechanic and even dropped it off to him the same day.  I  certainly had other folks out there looking for me as well but you and Rusty sealed the deal with the Maroon 65 from the Bay  area.  You were then very patient with me while I sold my 94, even listing it on your site.  Then you truly stepped across the  line and showed good faith in me by allowing me to take the car home early before the last monies had been transacted and  enjoy a very memorable 4th of July weekend.  All in all I had the most fun I’ve ever had buying a big ticket item.  At least you are here in Southern California selling these  things at realistic price levels unlike some of your competitors.  To top it off I now have a couple more corvette enthusiast  friends in you and Rusty.  Should I ever decide to sell the car again you will be the first to hear about it!!!  Please feel free to  use me as a reference in the future I’ll help you anyway that I can. Again thank you and congratulations on the new shop!!!  Sincerely, Brett F. San Pedro, CA
Hey John,  Lovin' my '63 Vette... as are all my friends and family, and pretty much anyone else that sees it... I've even had it in a few local car shows. In fact, a guy was asking me about it just today, saying he has been thinking about a classic Corvette as well. I told him any search should start with GM Down Under. Besides the fact that you carry a number of high quality Corvettes in your inventory, I relayed to him the excellent experience I had... and particularly how impressed I was when I came to look at the car that I now own, and without me even asking you hoisted the car on the rack... not just to show me the excellent condition of the undercarriage and drive train, but to personally walk-through with me the matching numbers of the rear end, tranny, and engine... now that's what I call integrity. So if he is serious about a classic Corvette I'm sure you'll be hearing from him. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again to you and Rusty, it was a pleasure working with you.  Regards,Ron in Seattle Dear John & Rusty, Regarding the purchase of my 1965 thanks for assisting me in acquiring my latest "toy".  I have looked forward to this for  some time.  Hopefully it will turn out to be a good investment as well. The other day I was looking at a Barrett_jackson auction web-site and was wondering why people go there when they could  save a 10% buyers commission simply by dealing with you guys.  You have just as many years of experience, and I would  say can more objectively assist your buyer with your direct knowledge of the marketplace and NCRS judging experience. All  the best and good luck in the future. Yours very truly, Frank W. Newport Beach, CA
John,   I have now purchased two classic Corvettes from GM DownUnder (1960 and 1963). I guess the most ringing endorsement of  your business is the fact that when I buy my next Corvette (which I will probably do next year) , I will absolutely be buying it  from GM DownUnder. The cars have always been exactly as advertised; Your service and attention both before and after sale are exemplary; Your  knowledge of Corvettes is outstanding;  And you have been responsive to whatever needs I have had.  I love both of the Corvettes I have bought from you and look forward to a long relationship.  Thanks again for everything!  John Campbell. Member of Congress 48th District, California .
Dear John, As you know my wife and I drove to California from Idaho to buy a Vette from another person only to be disappointed that is was not what it was claimed to be and therefore did not trust anything the seller said from then on about his car.We decided to look at other 1959-1967 Vetts while in California and were very impressed with the quality of your cars along with a feeling of your honesty and integrity.  Even though you knew we had other Vetts to look at you offered some very good advice and suggestions as to what to look for in older cars that we found very helpful.You also knew the seller and had seen the original Corvette we had gone to buy but never said a bad or negative comment about either of them even though we had told you of our unhappy experience with the car and owner.Even after we bought the ’65 Corvette and left to return to Idaho you still took very good care of us and arranged for the shipping of the car and met with the car hauler to load it on your day off.After we received the car you went above and beyond by answering any questions we had and even paid for the spare rim I needed.  When I had problems with the clock second hand you told me that if I couldn’t repair it myself to ship it back to you.  You not only repaired the second hand, but installed a new quartz kit, boxed it up and shipped it back without accepting any payment for parts, labor or shipping.After receiving service like this I would recommend anyone looking for a quality Corvette to talk with you and that they would not be unhappy for doing so.  If anyone wants a character reference you may give them our number and we would be happy to share our experience with them. Thanks again, Wayne & Kathy L. Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
John, I wanted to take a few minutes to express my deep thanks for all of your help, guidance and hard work on the 71 convertible  I recently purchased from you.  After making the decision to look into an older vette (I already have a C6), I spent a lot of  time calling around and looking at other places.  When I stumbled onto your site and gave you a call, I was incredibly  impressed by how candid you were about the cars and their condition.  Never once in the entire process have I felt for a  second that you were doing anything but “shooting straight” with me.  I honestly cannot recall a single purchasing  experience where I’ve encountered such a commitment to customer satisfaction, integrity and quality.  You and Rusty took  the time to meet with me on weekends, answered countless phone calls and emails.   This included several of my weekend  trips up to your shop where I stood around like a “kid in a candy shop” bombarding you guys with questions about the cars.    It was clear to me that you guys love your cars even more than your customers do! Over the course of the purchasing experience you routinely offered to help with any special needs I had for the car.  That  even included installing some special seats I selected to make driving the car more comfortable in spite of my bad back.   When I asked about some additional photos for insurance purposes you had them posted in hours.  All of this not only made  the purchasing experience easier but also added a bit of fun for me as you made it feel like the car was being specially  tailored for me. There is simply no other dealer or auto specialist I could recommend more highly than GM Down Under.   I have and will  continue to recommend you and your dealership to ANYONE who has an interest in Corvettes.  You guys represent the best  part of the “Corvette Community” and I’m certain I will be a return customer! Thanks again! Steve S. Poway, CA  
Good afternoon, John. Please allow me a moment to express my appreciation to you and Rusty for your continued support as I venture down memory lane. When I purchased the '72 Stingray Big Block from you three years ago I felt then that the "Blue Car" would satisfy my mid-life crisis. But, as luck would have it seeing the Nassau Blue '66 Stingray Coupe in your shop after the Flagstaff Regional NCRS event meant that I just had to have it. Your generosity in treating me as a valued customer not only on the first car, but on the second is most appreciated. Knowing that Rusty is an NCRS Master Judge, as well as a good friend also helps when I call in for answers from time to time.  As you know (because you were there) the '72 scored a Regional "Top Flight Award" in Flagstaff. I expect the '66 to do the same as it hits the judging circuit.  Please feel free to use me as a reference going forward, and I look forward to seeing you at "Bloomington". All the best, and thank you once again.  Regards,Tom M. Half Moon Bay, CANCRS Member #24409
G'day John and Christy  Well the ship finally docked in Melbourne Australia on the 12 May and I picked up the car on the Wednesday 17th of May. Your assessment of the car was spot on.  I was a bit shocked when I first saw it as it was covered in dust after I got it home and gave it a wash it gleamed. The next weekend I polished it and did the chrome got into all the nooks and cranny's it has come up a treat.  I had a roadworthy carried out last week and all it needed to pass was the left hand side front shocker lower rubber changed ( I think he couldn't find anything else so he pick on that)so all in all everything went ok next step is to get it down to vic roads and have it registered. A few things had worked loose   one of the head lights didnt work. A wire had worked loose, I popped that back on and all worked great.  The radio didnt work but that was only a fuse, once it was replace it worked fine.  A part from having the seats re-foamed that's all I will be doing to the car as I believe its in pristine condition.  I'd like to thank you for your honesty and help it has been a great experience  Thanks again. Greg. Melbourne, Australia
Dear John: June 9th, 1984 my 1963 Corvette Roadster was stolen while I attended the Bloomington Gold event in Bloomington, Illinois.   It was Daytona Blue, interior and exterior, 327/300 with a 4 speed.  I had owned it for 10 years, it was quite a loss and I wound  up taking the Grey Hound bus back to Chicago that day.  Since then my wife and I have owned a number of Corvettes but  never forgot what a wonderful car that mid-year was.   About two years ago we decided it was time to buy another mid-year.  We live near Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs,  and traffic has become a concern over the last 20 years, so we decided to get a car with automatic.  We also agreed it would  be a 1966 with Mosport Green exterior and dark green interior.  I guess we didn't realize how hard it would be to find, being a  one year color only.  We kept searching all the "Corvettes for Sale" sites as well as magazines.  We were looking for a driver  quality car.  I was aware of your web site and checked it often.  When I saw that you had a 1966 air, automatic, p/s and p/b  car I thought there must be somthing wrong with the car.  It was listed at a lower price then what the "big guys" were listing  cars for with less options.,  To be honest I had been following the prices on mid-year cars since mine was stolen and have  watched as they just keep going up.  We did not think our price range would get us a car with this many options, and, a  matching numbers car with verified mileage.  After a few calls in which you were very honest about the ups and downs of  this vehicle I decided to fly out and take a look at it.  Friday December 2nd I got to see, inspect and drive the vehicle.  It was everything you said it was and turned out to be an  extremely high end driver with new paint.  After taking a test drive and talking with Rusty Hobbs, long time NCRS judge, I  was convinced that this was the car we had been looking for.  We completed the sale and  I started my drive back to  Chicago,.  I am not a mechanic, just a owner/driver but felt this car would make the trip with no problems.  I drove it home using the  southernly route 40/44, old route 66, to miss the snow and rain coming down in the northernly route.  Total miles were  approximately 2,250, in a little less than 4 days.  It could have been less time but part of the fun was talking to all the people  looking and asking question at almost every gas station and food stop.  Zero problems, just a wonderful adventure running  ahead of the storm.  We got 10 inches of snow two days after I got home.   John, I would like to thank you, and Rusty for your honesty and integerity.  Traits that are all to hard to find in the car  business.  I hope you can use my story on your web-site.  See you in June at Blooming Gold!! Bob and Desbra, Chicago
John,  I wanted to thank you for helping me in the process of buying 67 Corvette. I have wanted a mid-year Corvette since I was in High School. Unfortunately, I never found the time or money to buy the car; something always came up, i.e. college, houses, kids…As time passed the price of the mid-years just keep climbing and finally my wife told me “just go buy it”. I looked around for a long time but I found the process more difficult than I had anticipated.I was referred to GM Down Under so I stopped buy to look at your cars. I found the advice you gave me extremely educational, accurate and invaluable. I want to thank you for your honesty and integrity and for finding my dream car. I  would recommend that anyone looking for a classic Corvette or GM take the time contact you prior to purchasing a vehicle. Sincerely, Brock. Irvine, CA
Hi John I hope all is well with you an Rusty.  I keep pondering on a trip  up your way when I in San Diego.  Just never seems to slow  down enough. I shipped the 63 home to Virginia in May when I moved the family back  home.  Cully and I entered the car in a show this summer and took second place.  It was not a technical judging and the first  place winner was a 67 BB car with lots of chrome under the hood so I didn't expect first at all and was very happy with  second. It was a lot of fun anyway and Cully and I have had many hours of fun working all the  little age out of her. Take care and Merry Christmas to you all. Ken. Virginia
John, I just wanted to drop a short note to say thankyou for the professionalism shown by you in regards to my purchase of the ‘69 L71 vette, the ’67 L89 and the support you have given me following purchase of my ’71 LT1 from one of your previous customers here in the Land of Aus. I bought my two most recent cars sight unseen from photo’s and the questions I asked where answered in an honest manner, and the service from GM DownUnder in resolving some items with the cars was excellent. As you know, I have wanted these cars for about 30years and have really gone to town with my purchase.  I gave thought to buying from e-bay and other avenues, but I know this would be just too hard, and was always worried about how to get it right and find someone I could trust. So I am happy that things worked out the way they did and I now have a contact who can support me with ongoing advice and link to the market in USA.It is also the first time I have ever imported a car and thanks to you, I have learnt the process quickly and without too much pain. My ’69 will be here this week and once I get my ’67 my only concerns will be where to house them. It’s a nice problem to have for this big kid!Thank you once again for the great service. John Schepis, Perth, Austraila
Aloha from Maui Hawaii,    It's hard to sell a classic on Maui so I sent my 67 427 coupe to John after a short conversation on the phone. No papers to sign, just our mutual agreement. The car was sold shortly thereafter and the funds wired into mybank account. What a great service! No stories, no drama, just a man who goes by and keeps his word. Don't hesitate to consign your car to John, or as they say down under,,,"No worries mate" Mahalo from Maui. Gregg Blue
I've know John for several years--and trust him implicitly. And, with good reason. Since at GM Down, I've bought, sold or traded perhaps 10 old Corvettes over the years. Never a problem.The man's nose doesn't grow when he describes a car, nor do his stories change. He built his solid reputation on honesty and integrity, the true measure of a man. There's more: Johnmakes buying and selling Corvettes fun. That's why his customers are happy...alsowhy many are repeat customers. Con. Huntington Beach CA.
Hi John, I just wanted to say thank you for the great experience in the purchase of my beautiful Nassau Blue 66 Coupe from GM  Downunder.  From your courtesy with picking me up at the airport to your professionalism and helpfulness in answering my  many questions it is all greatly appreciated. This is a car that I have been in love with since the first one I saw as a child in  the mid 60's. Who could not love those beautiful flowing lines by the legendary Bill Mitchell and Larry Shinoda.   Thank you  John for helping make my dream come true! Best Wishes,Lincoln Singer. Phoenix, AZ I have dealt with John at GM Down Under for a number of years. I have found him to be knowledgeable , honest, and  forthright. Every time that I have inquired about a car, he has disclosed everything that he is aware of about the car. He has  purchased several cars from me and has always paid promptly and handled all the paperwork efficiently. From my  experience, I would trust him more than other dealers (and private parties) whom I have bought cars from. Just one  customer's opinion. Dana, San Carlos
John, I just wanted to share my pictures with you and others and let them know what they can make of a project car, I have close to 10K in to the restro job and other than tweeking the engine and doing some electrical work the car is done. I bought this in 2002 before I went to Iraq for my 1st tour I did some drag racing with it for a year then started the frame on restro job with  a lot of local friends and shops pitching in. You were easy to work with and a fair dealer. I will be looking for a 69 T-top in a  few years and you will be my 1st stop. Thanks again and the car drives and looks great. I went with new silver paint, a 2 inch  front drop on Eaton springs , air shocks in the rear, vintage torque thrust American racing wheel (rims) , ghost blue flames  that change blue hues in the light, roman red interior with dyna mat under the new carpet, am/fm/cd player 200 wt alpine  amp Boston acoustic speakers and a lot of extras as well as all new gauges and a new jell coat under the paint. I’m sorry it took me a yr to get this to you but I have been in Afghanistan and just could get on the internet much.   Ed “Brick” B, TX
I have known John @ GM Downunder for several years, I was introduced to him by an NCRS Master Judge as a qualifed  inspector on a purchase of a 66 427/390 coupe for a client of mine. Upon delivery from California to the new owner in  Georgia the new owner was ecstatic about the condition an representation of the car. By the way it was later Top Flighted at  a Regional event. Since that time we have arranged several other purchases and I always rely on his expertise when I am  purchasing cars, of which I own ten, 54 Red/red (john found), 65 Red/red Fuelie, 66Black/red 427/390 AC coupe, 66 Black/red  427/425 coupe, 68 Red/black 427/435 coupe, 69 Black/black 350/350 AC convertible, 69 Black/red 427/390 AC coupe, 69  Red/red 427/390 AC convertible, 69 Black/black 427/400 AC coupe, and a 90 Black/red ZR1 with 1250 miles. He has always  given me all the facts, good and bad, I won't buy a car unless I run it past John, I value his honesty and his expertise. Greg MO.
John There is always some risk when you live on the east coast and you have interest in purchasing a classic car that is located on the west coast. In my case I truly felt that any risk was minimal. Your honest representation of the '57 Corvette that I just purchased from you is consistent with the comments that I read in your customer comments section. I genuinely appreciated your straightforward and timely response to my many questions. After 10 days of anxiously waiting for the car to travel from coast to coast, it arrived this past Saturday around noon. To say that I was impressed with the car would be a gross understatement. I immediately proceeded to take the car for a short spin and it is one of the best riding C1 Corvettes I have ever driven. It just happened that the local Corvette Club was having a show that day so, I decided to register it for judging virtually right off the truck and I won first place. How’s that for a validation? Thanks again John for being such a reputable professional. Scott. Hershey, Pa.  
John, Thank you for taking the time educating me during the purchase of my White 1966 Convertible.  I have looked forward to this for some time.I had the opportunity to buy this car from you last year and didn’t buy it. Fortunately for me, a year later the same car came up for sale, you contacted me, this time I was not going let it go. Our visit to you show room with my wife Joyce was the clincher, you explained in detail why this particular car with all its matching numbers would be a great investment for the future.When it came to the transaction, it was smooth and without any problems. My car is everything I expected and more, numbers matching, NCRS winner, Great condition, runs and drives like a dream.As far as I’m concerned, GM DownUnder is the only place to find and buy that one of a kind dream Corvette. Thank you for your honesty and help it has been a great experience. Marty & Joyce. Newport Beach, CA
John, Thank you for standing behind the quality of your vehicles.  I  purchased a 68 Camaro for my son and you delivered a perfect car for him. You made sure it was in great condition, both mechanically and aesthetically before you delivered it to me.  It was a pleasure dealing with you and it is rare that you find a person of such great character at any car dealership.  You are an honest, straight forward person and I would recommend you to everyone.  I hope to do more business with you in the near future.   John Rusconi, Los Angeles